Leather Master Oleosa Revitalizing Cream 250ml
Leather Master Oleosa Revializing Cream 1 Liter

Leather Master Oleosa Revitalizing Cream

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Leather Master Olesoa Cream is a specially formulated product for the particular needs of pull up or oiled leathers.  Oleosa contains the necessary fat liquors used to create the unique feeling and effect of these leathers.  Oleosa is a waterproof fatliquoring product that can be applied using a sponge or microfiber towel.  It can also be applied with a spray gun.  As well as giving the leather a soft, oily touch it also provides the leather with an excellent waterproofing effect.  This product is great for oiled leather garments and the leather horse tack industry.  

Do not use on Automotive Leather!!

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