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Leather Master Protection Cream - Gloss

Leather Master Protection Cream - Gloss

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If you love soft leather with a shine once it's cleaned, this is your product!!  Leather Master Leather Protection Cream is a water based protector for all leather types except Nubuck and Suede.  Leather Protection Cream is a water based product that gently protects aniline and pigmented leather against oil, water and alcohol based stains.  It will also keep you leather lovely and soft, and when used regularly prevents pigmented leather from cracking due to excessive dryness.  

This product is an incredible product as it provides excellent protection against oil, water, and alcohol based stains as well as helping to resist the effects of daily soiling.

Leather Protection Cream places an invisible, breathable barrier between you and your leather. It's best to follow a system of routine of cleaning and re-protection of your leather.

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