How to clean auto leather with DyeNamic Clean prep cleaner

How to clean auto leather with DyeNamic Clean prep cleaner


We knew we wanted this to be the first video in our series, because it features DyeNamic Clean, one of our favorite and most popular products. 

In this demo we did some deep cleaning on a 2012 Honda Civic. The leather had taken on a brittle feel, because it hadn't been cleaned for a while. When you get to that point, cracks and tears in your leather are just around the corner. 

We love DyeNamic Clean because it's so versatile. It's a mild stripper that is designed to be used as a prep cleaner for any leather repair, but you can use it on almost any surface that needs cleaning, including leather, vinyl, plastic, rubber and cloth (we've used it on upholstery). We always say, "If nothing else will clean it, DyeNamic Clean will." 

It's really important when you're cleaning leather not to create any more friction than is necessary. That's what makes DyeNamic Clean so great for leather work. It does the cleaning for you, so you don't have to create unnecessary friction that could actually damage your leather.

So after a couple of treatments with DyeNamic Clean, a scuff pad and very light pressure, the leather returned to a nice soft state. The leather had also developed a little bit of a sheen from body oils accumulating over time, and we were able to get rid of that, too.

Now, in this video, we didn't take time to treat the seat with a conditioner or protection cream, but that's the next step we recommend. Not only will those steps improve the condition of your leather, they'll make it easier to clean next time. 

What did we use? 

DyeNamic Clean prep cleaner

Gray Cleaning Scuff Pad

White Microfiber Towel

Also recommended: 

Leather Master Vital Conditioner

Leather Master Protection Cream

Automotive Leather & Vinyl Dye Bundle

Automotive Leather & Vinyl Dye Kit


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After the cleaning with Dynamic Clean do you use the conditioner cream or protector.

Clarence Parke

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