How do I find the interior color name of my car?

There is one great way to determine the color of your interior.

Contact a dealer

The easiest way to determine the interior color of your vehicle is to contact the local dealer for your car’s make. The parts department can use your vehicle identification number to look up the interior color of your car. If the dealer gives you a color code, ask for the color name. If they can’t give you the color name, contact us with the color code, and we’ll try to find a color name for you.

Check our color charts to confirm your color, but remember that the color you see on your screen will vary based on screen settings.

Let us custom match it

If you are unable to get a color name because of your car’s age (or any other reason), we can use our custom color-matching process to help determine the interior color of your car.

Just send us a sample of your vehicle’s interior leather. A 1-inch-by-1-inch square sample is ideal, but we can work with any shape sample that is large enough. You usually can find extra leather under your front or passenger seats, under the cushions of your back seats and around the headrest.

Snip the sample carefully from the source area and send it to us at 5851 Cloverdale Rd. Roanoke, VA 24019.

We will formulate a custom dye and use your sample to test it to ensure an exact match before it’s shipped to you. And you can be sure your dye will be a match, because we will use the same process to test it that we will instruct you to use when you make your repair at home