General Leather Repair

  • Will you be able to see where the repair was made?

    That all depends on the size of the repair being made. Color touch ups or full recolors can in most all cases go completely un-noticed as the dye self levels very well on the surface. If you are repairing a large hole or tear I always say you have 2 options: 1. Have a repair that is very structurally sound and could be slightly noticeable. or 2. Have a repair that is completely un-noticeable that may not hold up over time. Small repairs such as filling cracks, creases, small tears or holes (Less than 2”) can in most all cases be completely un-noticed to the naked eye. But to your eye you will always know a repair has been done in that area as you stand back and say to yourself “YES I DID THAT and SAVED A TON OF MONEY”.

  • How do you make the repair invisible?

    In order to have the best repair possible you will need a little patience and trust. The process of filling a hole, crease, or crack is not exactly a hard process that takes that much time to complete. The patience comes in when allowing the products to cure. All of Luxury Leather Repairs products are leather tannery grade products that are designed for the leather and vinyl industry and built for durability. TRUST US!! But, also know that anytime you need a little advice or help along the way any of our Leather Repair Training Instructors are available to answer any question you may have.

  • How long does a repair take?

    The repair and recoloring process will depend on the repair products that are being used. Most can be cured with a heat gun or hair dryer which speeds up the cure time. However, there are some products that work better with air drying.

  • Is there a tear that is too big?

    Yes, anything outside of about 4-6 inches is when you will want to consider replacement as oppose to repair. Please give us a call to discuss major repairs and options available.

  • How do I know if I should just replace the seat or have it repaired?

    If you are missing foam from under the leather/vinyl or the area that needs repair is in excess of 6” replacement should be considered. Do not hesitate to reach out to us to determine your issues. You can always email us pictures of your repair for advice.

  • What if I mess up?

    No worries, most all the products can be removed with the proper products if needed. If you have any worries, concerns or issues please reach out to us immediately and we will help get you where you need to be.

  • What makes your product better than others out there?

    We have traveled the globe looking for the best repair products available to bring to Luxury Leather Repair Kits. All of our leather dyes and leather repair products have been tested and passed all necessary durability tests to be considered a trusted product for the leather tannery industry. We use only ISO 9001/2000 certified companies that have a strong reputation for producing high quality chemicals in a very consistent manner and being among the best in the industry.

  • How do I do it? videos available?

    I could spend all day talking about this one!! Our leather repair kits and leather dyes do include do it yourself instructions. We also offer our Leather Repair Techniques section for more in depth leather repair instructions. We are working on our Leather Repair Videos and they will be available soon. However, know we are here to answer any and every question you may have. Do not hesitate to reach out to us, we are here to help!

Color Dye / Color Matching

  • Can you guarantee an exact color match?

    Every Automotive Leather Dye featured in our store has been mixed to exact OEM specifications. This includes Color, Durability and Wear industry standards. However, when leather or vinyl are at the place of needing to be recolored you will be in most cases experiencing color pigment dissipation as well as fading due to sunlight; both will cause the color to lighten. Automotive Leather Dye will normally look like the color just have a more vivid appearance (much like applying a fresh coat of the same color paint to a wall). This normally requires the dye to be feathered in to blend with surrounding areas. We recommend when doing a color touch up to recolor the entire panel or seam to seam in all directions. This will also help blend the dye with the surrounding panels. If you want to eliminate this all together we recommend just recoloring the entire face that needs touching up. Once you try the process and see how easy it is you will want to do this anyway!

    Luxury Leather Repair's Leather Furniture Dyes are not mixed to any specific manufacturers colors. Our Leather Furniture Dye colors are the most widely used Leather Furniture industry standard colors. If you would like an exact match to your specific leather manufacturer we have you covered! Luxury Leather Repair has the best color matching specialist in North America on our team and can handle any custom matching need. Please see our Custom Color Matching page for more information about the process and how to proceed.

  • How long does the dye (recolor) last once applied?

    Luxury Leather Repair Leather Dyes are made from only the highest quality products available to the leather tanning industry. With that being said, Luxury Leather Repair Automotive Leather Dye is a pigmented coating. This means that over time you will eventually wear through the coating just as the original coating. Applying Luxury Leather Repair Top Coat will help add to the overall durability giving the maximum protection available.

  • How do I find the correct color?

    Automotive Leather Dyes – The easiest way to find the exact color name for your interior would be to call your local dealer and give the parts department your VIN. They can give you the exact color name for your interior. When matching your color to our color charts you will match by color name so if the dealer gives you a color code, just ask for the corresponding color name to ensure correct matching. The color name is also listed on the original widow sticker. There are other websites that can help identify your color such as: www.decodethis.com or www.edmunds.com. If you are unable to locate your color let us know and we will assist in that process. Luxury Leather Repair also offers Custom Color Matching to create those one of a kind or hard to find colors. Please see our Custom Color Matching page for more details.