Collection: Automotive Leather Protectants

Our selection of leather protection products includes exactly what you need for beautiful leather that will last. Investing in an auto leather protectant from Auto Leather Dye will keep your car’s interior clean, fresh, and welcoming.

Leather Protection Cream acts as a fabric leather style protector.  The use of leather protection cream allows for easy clean up and stain removal.  Leather protection cream is designed to create an invisible breathable barrier on the leather's surface.  This will stop most stains right where they occur.  We also carry Leather Barrier which provides added protection for Dye Transfer and Ink Staining. To continue preserving the health of your leather, we always recommend water-based protectors for automotive leather and leather upholstery.

Auto leather protectant is an essential item to have in your repair kit. Leather protection products prolong the life of leather and make cleaning easy. Shop our inventory to start protecting your leather today.