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Color Info

Whether repairing or recoloring your leather, the most essential part of the leather repair process is ensuring a consistant color concealment. We are proud to carry an extensive automotive leather dye color library of over 1300 OEM colors from 30 different car manufacturers. Visit our Auto Leather Dye Color Charts page to view each color chart organized by auto manufacturer.

We have organized our selections by each auto maker's interior color name. If you are unsure of your exact color name, you can call your local auto dealer with your car's unique VIN and they can give you this information.

We also carry a small collection of over 60 common standard furniture color dyes offered by Luxury Leather Repair. These are organized by the most common leather upholsery color names, and can be found on our Leather Furniture Dye Color Chart.

If you can't find your automobile or furniture color, we do offer custom color matching. You can find more information about our color matching services, including some simple directions and our ordering process, on our Leather Custom Color Matching page.

Don't forget help is never far away. Click here to reach us through our Contact Form or talk to a leather professional at 540-739-5683.