About Us

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Hi! I'm Shawn.

I created AutoLeatherDye.com so my passion for leather could become your car care confidence. I wanted to empower every car owner with the knowledge, products and confidence to keep your leather and vinyl in great condition. We are proud to offer Do-it-Yourself products. No matter what type of car you own, let my love for leather help you care for it.

About Our Luxury Leather Repair Products

I believe that better quality products are the best way to keep your leather in its finest condition. I formulated Luxury Leather Repair products from the best tanning-grade base materials in the world, seeking to develop a high quality brand line specifically for leather use. I personally test everything in my Luxury Leather Repair line to ensure we provide you the most effective products for your leather. All of our products are water-based, meaning the chemical formulation won't harm your leather. They also work on vinyl.

About Leather Master Products

In addition to our own brand line, we carry Leather Master's broad range of products. These ensure you have the greatest selections available for car care here at AutoLeatherDye.com. Leather Master has built a reputation of quality and performance with their home care and repair products. We recommend the Leather Master Bundle which includes the soft cleaner, conditioner and protection cream. They are water based and well known to keep your leather soft and suptle for years. 

Company Bio

Founded: Luxury Leather Repair in 2013 & ALD in 2016 
President & CEO: Shawn Witt
Headquarters: Roanoke, VA