DIY Leather Repair Kits

We believe it’s simple to bring the leather in your automobile back to life. Courtesy of Auto Leather Dye, we want to provide you with DIY leather repair kits you can use whenever you need them. 

Consider the Type

To ensure you purchase the right kit for the type of leather you own, you need to first identify it. Are you working with Aniline leather, Nubuck leather, or Pigmented? Maybe you’re treating a type of leather that hasn’t been listed here. In any case, certain leathers will collect moisture, dirt, and debris more than others. Use products that are specifically formulated for the leather you’re working with.

Invest in the Recoloring Process

To recolor faded leather, in addition to the leather dye itself, make sure you have two types of products in your DIY leather repair kits. You should own one that preps the leather and one that cleans it prior to dye application. When you properly prime and color your leather, you can expect it to look and stay protected for longer.

You can order leather dye in any almost any color. Depending on your car’s year, make, and model, there’s a color out there that will perfectly suit your leather interior.

Other Products You Need in Your Arsenal

You can’t accomplish a DIY leather repair without fixing lingering scratches or scuff marks. A few products we recommend include leather filler and leather adhesives. Leather fillers will seamlessly cover holes and give the leather a natural look.

Are you ready to build your own kit? Check out Auto Leather Dye for everything related to DIY leather repair. From conditioners and cleaners to protectants and coatings, elevate the luxury of your leather interior with our quality products. Home remedies often dissolve quickly, and they can potentially make matters worse. Devote a special kit of professional products to your car’s leather and see a huge change in the way you drive and appreciate your car.