Collection: BMW Leather and Vinyl Interior Dye and Repair Kits

Welcome to Luxury Leather Repair, where your BMW's interior transformation begins. Elevate your driving experience, preserve the essence of luxury, and unlock the true potential of your vehicle with our BMW Leather & Vinyl Dye and Repair Kits! Our comprehensive repair kits offer seamless and easy DIY transformations, featuring high-quality dyes and essential tools. Not to mention a true OEM BMW Finish with our exclusive BMW Soft Feel Additive, included in every BMW Leather and Vinyl Dye! 

All of our BMW Leather and Vinyl Dyes and Repair Kits include an Automotive Leather and Vinyl Dye, specifically matched to OEM BMW Interior Colors and infused with the BMW Soft Feel Additive! A blend that is trusted and used by BMW themselves to provide their seats with the soft, supple, and squeek-proof luxury finish their interiors are known for. The BMW soft feel additive is currently exclusive to BMW and us, here at Luxury Leather Repair, making our products the best choice for your BMW Interior Project! 

From color loss or minimal cracking, to even tear repairs, we have you covered at Luxury Leather Repair for all of your BMW Interior needs. Feel free to browse the below selection of products and for any questions please email us at!