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Leather Care Products

Luxury Leather Repair supplies the finest in auto leather maintenance products. We make it easy to order exactly what you need for repairs and restoration with car leather kits containing all the essentials.

In addition to car leather dye kits, we offer separate products to clean and condition your leather. From the cleaners and protectants to the accessories and tools, we’re fully stocked with the best and leading leather care products.

No matter if you’re a beginner or expert when it comes to cleaning your vehicle’s leather, we can answer your questions. Contact Luxury Leather Repair today–we’re happy to assist you.

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Your source for the easiest and most durable DIY Leather Repair Products and Techniques on the internet!


I created Luxury Leather Repair so my passion for leather could become your car and furniture care confidence. I wanted to empower every leather owner with the knowledge, products and confidence to keep your leather and vinyl in great condition. We are proud to offer Do-it-Yourself products. No matter what type of car or furniture you own, let my love for leather help you care for it.

About Our Luxury Leather Repair Products

I believe that better quality products are the best way to keep your leather in its finest condition. I formulated Luxury Leather Repair products from the best tanning-grade base materials in the world, seeking to develop a high quality brand line specifically for leather use.

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