Custom Color Matching

A uniform color dye finish is the most essential part of any leather repair or leather recoloring project. Even though we carry more than 1300 OEM automotive dye colors, we realize standard leather dyes may not be what you need for your job. To accommodate most leather recoloring needs, we offer a custom leather color matching service. For this service, we request a 1x1" sample which works best. If this size is not available, clip as large a sample as possible. You can usually find this under your vehicle seats or around the head rest. Once you have your sample, there are two ways you can order our custom dye products:

• Method 1: Fill out our Custom Color Matching Form and mail it in with your leather sample. We will contact you when it's received and you can place your order with our leather expert.

• Method 2: Pre-order your product, then fill out our Custom Color Matching Form and send it in with your leather sample. Be sure to include your online order number on the form, and we can match the sample with the online order. We'll know exactly what you want when your sample reaches us, and we can quickly mix and match the dye you need and send your order on its way.

Please note that since this is a custom formalization process, it may take extra time to ship.

Customer confidence is our goal. You can always reach us on our Contact Page and our professional leather recoloring expert is available at 833-288-6393.