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How to dye automotive leather with Luxury Leather Repair dye


This was a basic touch-up on a GMC Acadia with light titanium interior. We used the products in our Automotive Leather/Vinyl Dye Bundle, which features our Luxury Leather Repair Automotive Dye. 

Before we go any further, just a few really cool things about our dye: 

  1. It's an all-in-one product! You've got your base coat for adhesion and top coat for sealing all in one application, which makes touch-ups and recolors super simple. 
  2. It's water based, which makes clean up a breeze. 
  3. We have more than 1,300 OEM colors, so we've probably got yours. Even if we don't, we offer custom-color matching and can use a small sample to match your shade.

The first thing you're going to do is use DyeNamic Clean to clean the area you're going to touch up. Clean the whole panel. DyeNamic Clean is going to get rid of all kinds of dirt, grime, body oils and any leather-care products you've previously used. We want to get rid of anything that could deter adhesion. Wipe that off with your white microfiber towel, which is included with our bundle.

Then you'll apply a thin coat of dye with the sponge that's included in the bundle. It's really important that you work in thin coats instead of trying to do the touch-up with one coat. You want the layers of dye to adhere to the seat and one another for maximum durability. 

If you have little air bubbles or spots with excess dye, just blot them up with the sponge. 

So apply that first coat, then let the dye air dry to cure or speed up the process with a hairdryer or heat gun. Remember, you're really after the air pressure from the hairdryer or heat gun. Don't overheat any one spot or touch the leather with the dryer. You risk cracking your coating and damaging your leather.

You might very well still see the wear spot after your first application, so repeat the process as many times as needed, allowing each thin coat to cure completely before applying more dye. 

If you start to see strokes in the dye, just use a dabbing motion to blend. 

Products we used: 

Automotive Leather/Vinyl Dye Bundle


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