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If you've looked at our automotive dye color charts, you know we offer more than 1,300 OEM colors. If you can't determine the color of your leather, we can match it using just a small sample of leather from your vehicle. 

In this video, I show you a few places to find a little extra leather that you can cut out and send to us. Because the idea of going at your leather with scissors might seem scary, I show you the process on my own car!

In this demo, we took samples from around the front and back seats. The headrest is also a good place to look for extra leather. 

Ideally, we like to have a leather sample that's at least 1 inch by 1 inch. That gives us plenty of leather to work with when we're testing the dye we mix for you. But you'd be surprised how small a sample we can use. 

Once you obtain a sample, just complete our custom color matching form, mail it in with your sample and we'll mix a high-quality custom color for you. 

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  • Excellent product. I used the leather dye on my Lexus LS460 seat covers. The dye made the stretched leather almost un noticeable.

    John Williams

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