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Custom Color Matched Leather & Vinyl Dye

Custom Color Matched Leather & Vinyl Dye

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If you don't see your color have no fear!!  Luxury Leather Repair is proud to offer Custom Leather Dye Color Matching.  Please complete our "Custom Color Matching Form" and complete the instructions on your form.  We are more than happy to help so please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Luxury Leather Repair offers our professional grade leather furniture dye made for Pigmented/Top Coated Leather, Semi-Aniline(With Pigmented Dye Top Coat) Leather, Bonded/Bycast Leather, and Vinyl.  Our professional grade leather dye is made from the same pigments and base that are used by major tanning factories all around the world.  The All-In-One Leather Dye means base coat for adhesion and the top coat for sealing are all mixed into the formulation along with the color.

Do not use on Unprotected Aniline, Nubuck or Suede as it will change the feel of these leathers by adding a protective top coat.

We have 2 ways you can order our custom color matching products:

Method 1: Fill out our Custom Color Matching Form and mail it in with your leather sample. We will contact you when it's received and you can place your order with our leather expert.

Method 2: Pre-order your product, then fill out our Custom Color Matching Form and send it in with your leather sample. Be sure to include your online order number on the form and we can match the sample with the placed online order. We'll know exactly what you want when your sample reaches us, and we can quickly mix and match the dye you need and send your order on it's way.

Please note that since this is a custom formalization process, it may take extra time to ship.

Our knowledge base is always expanding. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, Contact us here or talk to our professional leather dye expert at 1-833-288-6393.