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Automotive Leather & Vinyl Dye Bundle

Automotive Leather & Vinyl Dye Bundle

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For touch ups and recoloring of your worn leather, Luxury Leather Repair's DIY leather dye bundle contains the necessary products for the novice. The bundle includes Dynamic Clean Prep, which is an all purpose cleaner made for leather, vinyl, rubber & plastic, along with our All-in-One Automotive Leather Dye and the necessary tools with detailed instructions. 

Luxury Leather Repair products are comprised of the best products available from the leather repair industry.  The All-In-One means the base coat for adhesion and the top coat for sealing are mixed with the color into one formulation. Our leather dye is professional grade made from the same pigments and base that are used by major leather tanning factories all around the world.  

Do not use on unprotected Aniline, Nubuck or Suede. It will add a protective top coat and change the feel.

• 8oz Kit includes: 8oz Automotive Leather/Vinyl Dye, 8oz DyeNamic Clean, 1 sponge, 1 cleaning pad, 1 pair gloves & detailed instructions
• 16oz Kit includes: 16oz Automotive Leather/Vinyl Dye plus the same additional products in the 8oz kit
• 32oz Kit includes: 32oz Automotive Leather/Vinyl Dye, 16oz DyeNamic Clean, 2 sponges, 1 cleaning pad, 1 pair gloves & detailed instructions 

• The 64oz Kit includes: 64oz Leather/Vinyl Automotive Dye, 16oz DyeNamic Clean, 4 Sponges, 2 Cleaning Pads, 1 pair Gloves, Instructions

• The 128oz Kit includes: 128oz Leather/Vinyl Automotive Dye, 32oz DyeNamic Clean, 6 Sponges, 3 Cleaning Pads, 1 pair Gloves, Instructions

All kits include a Microfiber Towel as our gift to you!

Our knowledge base is always expanding. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, Contact us here or talk to our professional leather dye expert at 1-833-288-6393.