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Auto Leather Dye Kits Information

Not sure which products you need
to repair your automotive leather?

Luxury Leather Repair’s Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit eliminates the guesswork
when choosing products and tools to repair your automotive leather or vinyl.

Auto Leather Dye Kits

We designed our easy-to-use DIY kits to include everything you need to complete a high-quality repair, whether you have experience in leather repair or not. You can be sure our products are right for your vehicle because they are formulated for use on luxury cars and are perfect for any vehicle on the market.

When you’re ready to repair your leather, our thorough, simple-to-follow instructions walk you step by step through the process, ensuring a professional-grade finish every time.

Follow our build-your-own process to choose      the right combination of products for your repair.


Start with our base kit, which includes the products and tools you’ll need for any leather or vinyl repair. Each kit includes:

  • DyeNamic Clean
  • Automotive Leather/Vinyl Dye
  • Sponge
  • Cleaning scuff pad
  • Gloves
  • Instructions


Tell us about your car, including its make and leather color. If you don't know your car's OEM interior color name, you can call your local dealership with your car VIN and they can provide the information.


Choose the size kit you need.

  • 8oz Dye Size: Touchups or one standard seat front
  • 16oz Dye Size: 1 full standard seat
  • 32oz Dye Size: 1 full interior
  • 64oz Dye Size: 1 large full interior or 6-8 standard seats
  • 128oz Dye Size: 10-12 full standard seats


Don't forget to add other products you may need to complete your repair, such as Leather Master Degreaser, Crack and Crease Filler or Top Coat.


Click "Add to Cart" and complete your purchase.

Your Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit arrives with our guarantee of top-quality products, professional techniques and unmatched customer service. 

Order today to protect your leather investment!