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BMW Leather and Vinyl Interior Dye Kit - with BMW Soft Feel

BMW Leather and Vinyl Interior Dye Kit - with BMW Soft Feel

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Luxury Leather Repair BMW Automotive Leather and Vinyl Interior Dye Kit

Revive your BMW's interior with the cutting-edge Luxury Leather Repair BMW Automotive Leather and Vinyl Dye Kit – a complete solution to restore, revitalize, and protect your vehicle's luxurious leather and vinyl surfaces to OEM expectations. Our kit combines innovation and style, featuring an All-in-One water-based Automotive Leather and Vinyl Dye, meticulously matched to authentic BMW OEM Interior colors and blended with our exclusive BMW Soft Feel Additive to ensure your interior not only looks but feels like new!


What's Inside:

  • All-in-One BMW Leather and Vinyl Dye: Experience the power of precise color-matching with our Luxury Leather Repair BMW Automotive Leather and Vinyl Dye. It seamlessly rejuvenates and restores leather, vinyl, and plastic, breathing new life into your vehicle's interior, and ensuring a seamless color match with your BMW's signature aesthetic. Our All-in-One Leather Dye is professional grade, made from the same pigments and base that are used by major leather tanning factories all around the world, making it the best on the market for your BMW Interior.
  • BMW Soft Feel Additive: Luxury Leather Repair, now EXCLUSIVELY offers OUR CUSTOMERS not only OEM BMW Interior Colors but also the luxurious BMW soft and supple feel and finish their interiors are known for with the BMW Soft Feel Additive! This proprietary blend, trusted and used by BMW themselves, imparts a soft, supple, and squeak-proof finish to your leather. You'll be able to see and feel the difference as you run your fingers over the impeccably restored surface, enjoying a level of comfort and luxury that surpasses standard OEM expectations!
  • Dyenamic Clean and Scuff Pad: Prepare your interior surfaces for the transformation with Dyenamic Clean. This advanced cleaning and prepping spray is your best friend in ensuring a flawless dye application. It eliminates contaminants and oils and preps your leather and vinyl for the ultimate restoration by ensuring optimal adhesion. The accompanying scuff pad provides the perfect abrasiveness for deep cleaning.
  • Leather Conditioning & Protection Cream: Seal the deal with our Luxury Leather Repair Leather Conditioning & Protection Cream. Our Leather Conditioning and Protection Cream creates a protective barrier against water, alcohol, and oil-based staining protecting your refreshed interior for the long haul. 

Every kit also includes Detailed Instructions, Foam Sponge Applicators, Gloves, and a Free Microfiber Towel as our gift to you!


Why Choose Our Kit:

  • Exclusive BMW Soft Feel Additive: BMW Soft Feel Additive is exclusive to our customers! Experience the luxury touch and finish loved by BMW enthusiasts, setting your interior apart from the ordinary, and achieving a true OEM BMW Finish. 
  • Unmatched Color Accuracy: Our kit boasts an unrivaled BMW OEM color match, ensuring a seamless blend with your vehicle's interior.
  • Ease of Use: Whether you're a seasoned DIY enthusiast, novice, or pro our kit is designed for user-friendly application. You can even achieve professional results in the comfort of your garage!
  • Extended Protection: Prevent future damage and maintain the allure of your interior with our Leather Conditioning and Protection Cream. Bid farewell to worries about staining or wear and tear.

Revel in the pride of driving a BMW with interiors that mirror its heritage of excellence. Unleash the full potential of your vehicle with the Luxury Leather Repair BMW Automotive Leather and Vinyl Interior Dye Kit!

Tip for Selecting Color: 

  • If you are unsure of your vehicle's interior color, call your local dealership's parts department and provide your VIN Number. They can give you the exact interior color name. Our colors are matched to the OEM interior color name.
  • When attempting a color change, we also recommend viewing the interior color options via Google Images for a better representation of how the color will actually appear in the vehicle and in different lighting. Our colors are matched to the OEM interior color name.

TIP: When completing a color change, we recommend sizing up one additional size from the above recommendations. 

Do not use on Unprotected Aniline, Nubuck, or Suede Leathers. It will add a protective top coat and change the feel.

Our knowledge base is always expanding. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, Contact us here or talk to our professional leather dye expert at 1-833-288-6393.