Collection: Leather Cleaning, Conditioning, & Protection

Maintaining your leather is very important to make sure you can enjoy it for years to come.  The most common reason for leather repair is the lack of leather cleaning, conditioning, and protecting.  Leather is an all-natural porous product that must be maintained in the same fashion as humans and how we take care of our skin.  Luxury Leather Repair has comprised some of the most popular and effective leather cleaning and maintenance kits from around the world.  Most products are water based, which means they will not hurt the leather or its finish. Auto Leather Dye is proud to carry a line of products that make auto leather maintenance an easy and integral part of your routine. 

We carry a unique selection of leather cleaning kits, so you can find and choose the one that best suits your vehicle. Whether you need to remove ink or mold from your upholstery, we make auto leather maintenance simple. If you have general questions about our leather cleaning kits or are wondering which product to use, contact us over the phone or via email for assistance.