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Leather Adhesion Promoter & Primer

Leather Adhesion Promoter & Primer

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Want to take your leather repair adhesion to the next level?  Apply Leather Adhesion Promoter over the leather or vinyl before recoloring with Luxury Leather Repair Leather Dye to ensure maximum hold and durability.  This is the same product used by many major leather tanneries around the world to ensure good adhesion when applying a protected/top coated leather.   

The use of this product will turn your automotive leather or leather furniture repair dye job into a coating that will pass the OEM wear and durability tests for most every major automotive and upholstery manufacturer....they are already using it!!

In the leather tanning process, just before they are finished with the pigmented top coat(i.e. Leather Paint) they are sprayed with this product to make sure the leather coating holds and doesn’t chip or peel.  Would you want your leather repair or redye to be just like a leather tanner would process new leathers before being sold to companies like BMW?  This is your product, it just works!!

Pro Tips/Information:

  • Using a clean(preferably new) soft bristle paint brush is the best way to apply Leather Adhesion Promoter.  
  • This product is a true water base Leather Adhesion Primer, meaning the adhesion, flexibility, durability and feel will be as good as it gets. 
  • The use of Luxury Leather Repair Leather Dyes with this product will give you an OEM(and truthfully sometimes better) result.  If your reputation is riding on the next job, don’t forget this product. 

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